In this piece of reading material, the Mental Health Foundation explores their COVID-19 response and illustrate each of the following five strategic aims:


1. Tell the world: We launched a major UK-wise research study to understand the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the nation's mental health and how to respond effectively.

2. Find solutions: In order to ensure that we continue to reach the vulnerable population groups we are working with, we have adapted many of our programmes using digital and other methods 

3. Inform and Empower: We have been the home of Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) since 2001 and take this responsibility seriously, as MHAW is one of the biggest campaigns of its kind in the world. This year we decided to focus on Kindness to connect with the mood of the nation and provide a message of hope. 

4. Change policy and practice: Our Policy team explains why kindness matters in public policy

5. Build a strong Foundation: The pandemic has changed working life for most of us, in all sort of ways. Our corporate partners continue to help us build a Strong Foundation during the pandemic