Here is a selection of resources you may find useful to your development. They provide a good basis if you are volunteering with us at large events or if you are starting out with us or need a refresher of some information!

If you are new to the Volunteer Hub then we recommend you check out this video which takes you on a tour around the site so you know where everything is and how to access your courses. 

Want to know al the basic information about volunteering with us? This guide has all the important information in one place, and will provide you with information required to ensure you get the most out of your volunteering experience with PDSA, covering the following topics:

  • Welcome to PDSA
  • Introduction to PDSA
  • Getting the most out of volunteering with PDSA
  • Additional Information
  • Health and Safety
  • Volunteer Agreement

This course is for PDSA event volunteers. It introduces you to PDSA and the things you need to know to be an effective part of the PDSA Event Crew and also explains our approach to health & safety covering the areas most relevant to volunteering at events.